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We ensure that digital brands and projects attain media attention.

We deliver results

Achieving and surpassing goals – that’s easiest with experienced professionals. Every project is overseen by a senior team, which not only comes up with great concepts but turns them into results.

We give everything

How do we get new business? Almost entirely via recommendations. To make sure that it stays that way, we apply all our expertise and connections to get the best possible result for every single client.

We work flexibly

Communication solutions off the rack? You won’t find those with us. We think that every assignment deserves an individual approach. Especially as the digital industry is prone to quickly shifting priorities. We remain flexible and adjust our course of action accordingly.

We challenge ourselves

Just do it? Sure, but we also constantly challenge ourselves: Is this really the best course of action? How can we optimize results? We are a true partner, on eye level with our clients so that together we can achieve the best possible results.


We are a team of experienced consultants and senior consultants who enjoy impactful communications and collaboration.

From our “pre-life” we know not only how agencies operate but businesses too. That enables us to understand the processes, interests, arguments and objectives of our clients.

Every assignment is carried out passionately and professionally by an individual senior team.

Our management team

Anja Weinhold
Founder and Managing Director

Anja Weinhold is an experienced communications professional who has worked both in-house and in agencies in Germany and abroad. Before founding HotDot Communications, she headed PR and marketing for an eBay subsidiary.  Before its acquisition by the marketplace, she was responsible for its communications in the UK, France and Germany. Prior to that, Anja Weinhold was senior vice president at a global PR agency in Frankfurt and San Francisco, consulting clients from consumer goods and technology.

Sascha Krieger
Senior PR Consultant

Sascha has considerable experience in PR, corporate and internal communications, both in agencies and in-house. Before starting at HotDot in 2014, he was head of corporate communication at an IT security provider in Berlin for several years. Prior to that he worked as a senior consultant in several agencies, where he advised companies from different sectors, such as real estate, construction or social services. After studies in English and literature, he began his career as a PR officer at an IT industry association in Stuttgart.

Christian Soult
Senior PR Consultant

Christian “discovered” PR as a student more than 20 years ago, while working for a student consulting firm. Instead of becoming an engineer, he opted for a PR career in agencies and in-house in Hamburg and Munich.  Arriving in Berlin over ten years ago, he was excited by the emerging digital scene and the challenge of communicating innovation and new technologies to the public. He has been responsible for the media relations of various start-ups for several years, before joining HotDot in 2011.


We design and implement tailored communication concepts.

Where? In Germany and elsewhere via our network Over There.

Primary objectives

Increase awareness
Enhance credibility
Build brand
Generate leads

Main disciplines

Media Relations

Our core competence: We get businesses, brands, products and people into the media – print, TV, radio and digital channels. This is best done via storytelling, a deep understanding of media and the way it works, and good contacts to media representatives.

Influencer Relations

Experts, bloggers, social media stars also influence opinions about a business, product or service. We collaborate with them to design authentic campaigns that are suitable for both the influencer and the brand.

Speaker’s Bureau

Presentations at conferences are perfect for increasing attention and demonstrating expertise. We select relevant forums and place business representatives as speakers.

PR Stunts

We put the spotlight on brands in high-profile PR stunts that get talked about in both social and traditional media. How? Not as an end in itself, but with a clear return on investment as the goal.


Those who can tell exciting stories have a clear advantage. We create relevant, search engine optimized content for internal and external channels. By using free as well as paid forms of content distribution, we ensure a wide reach and a high number of leads.

Social Media

Communication is most effective when stories are synchronized across and tailored to different channels. HotDot adapts messages for social media, designs customized campaigns and manages all ongoing communications.


Our clients are major digital industry players as well as innovative start-ups.


Our brief monthly review: What exciting things happened for our clients and at HotDot?

November 2018

TransferWise introduced a debit card for companies and enables real-time money transfers. In an interview with SPIEGEL Online, CEO Kristo Käärmann explained why transparence in so important in the case of international money transfers.

GoFundMe’s Jeannette Gusko talked to Kurier und Wiener Zeitung about GoFundMe launching in Austria. In a survey, GoFundMe found out that millennials love giving money to support others – BILD.de reported.

Pinterest published the Holiday Report which not only went down well with media but also made us want Christmas to come up faster.

Oply expanded its service in Munich with 30 additional brand new cars and 14 neighbourhoods. In Hamburg, TV news program “NDR Hamburg Journal” covered Oply’s October launch.

October 2018

In a comprehensive interview with digital magazine LEAD, GoFundMe manager Jeannette Gusko talked about how digitalisation is changing social fundraising.

October was all about Halloween with Pinterest: It published the dedicated Pinterest Halloween Report and we organized a media workshop that brought the best Pinterest Halloween ideas to life.

In a representative survey, TransferWise found that more and more Germans would like to live abroad for a while – dpa reported.

Oply launched its service in Hamburg with 100 cars in 44 neighbourhoods.

EMnify was awarded the “AWS IoT Competency” by Amazon Web Services.

September 2018

TransferWise announced 75% revenue growth in the 2018 financial year.

In a comprehensive interview with banking blog “Der Bank Blog”, Bondora’s CEO talked about P2P loans as an attractive investment and the new product Go & Grow.

Pinterest published two global reports, one about the hottest fashion trends in 11 countries worldwide, the other about what Pinterest users love most in beauty. From beauty to scary: The best costumes, make-up, decoration and food ideas were captured in the Halloween Report. We also thought of all Oktoberfest lovers with the top hairstyles and Dirndls on Pinterest.

Benjamin Baumann, former Managing Director of C3, launched the new agency FRASER with 15 digital professionals including former colleagues of C3 and Antoni.

Image: Pinterest

August 2018

The Offerista Group, which operates barcoo, has taken over the Austrian market leader for digital brochures wogibtswas.at.

Hot August, hot Pinterest stories: Media loved beating the heat wave with the best Pinterest hacks to cool down and the top waterproof mascara. Going into Fall, we announced the best ideas to get back to everyday life after the summer break with the Pinterest ‚Back to life report‘. Fashion media picked up the Pinterest trend color of the season – ‚Terracotta‘ – with great new Pinterest streetstyle looks.

GoFundMe announced its planned expansion into Austria and Switzerland and Jeannette Gusko’s appointment as Senior Regional Manager for the region.

TransferWise campaigns for full cost transparency for international money transfers and a proposed EU regulation – and has been interviewed about it by Handelsblatt.

Image: © Pinterest

July 2018

Munich’s mayor inaugurated two new mobility stations, among others with cars from Oply.

A TransferWise analysis revealed that every Eurozone traveller loses 110 Euros a year in hidden fees when exchanging money.

A group of friends from Berlin organised a garbage-free music festival and raised funds on GoFundMe – Berlin media responded very positively.

Together with Pinterest we presented the top summer hacks to beat the heat wave which we also tried first hand in our office. They work!

Image: © Oply

June 2018

GoFundMe raised money for a wasteless music festival in Berlin and fulfilled a young bridal dress designer’s dream of presenting at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Bondora launched its innovative growth account Go & Grow for beginners and experienced investors alike.

TransferWise announced their first partnerships with French and British banks and is now available for millions more people.

Pinterest published the summer party trends 2018 and suddenly we felt like throwing a stargazing party whilst sipping pepper gin cocktails.

For Sleep Day, Deliveroo issued tips for a good night’s sleep together with nutritionist Dr. Brigitte Bäuerlein and created a special smoothie.

Oply has launched its “Oply Cares” program in Munich to provide car sharing vehicles free of charge to nonprofit organizations for events.

Image: (c) Linda Lang

May 2018

TransferWise published an independent price comparison for international money transfers which proved: German banks’ transfer costs remain high and intransparent.

Deliveroo created special food cravings for mothers-to-be on Mother’s Day and analysed  the top dishes ordered during games of the Bundesliga season .

Pinterest announced the Summer party trends for 2018 and we organized a denim workshop.

With Oply’s tips for Munich’s outskirts, summer can start in a station wagon or in a convertible.

GoFundMe raised money for the large rally against the kindergarten crisis in Berlin and support young karate fighters on their way to the world championships.

Image: © TransferWise

April 2018

Pinterest published the home trends for 2018 and launched enhanced features for people with reduced vision.

Deliveroo is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe according to FT 1000.

TransferWise launched the first multi-currency account and debit card for everyone.

A social worker from Duisburg raises money on GoFundMe for videos against anti-semitism among young people.

HotDot accompanied Bondora for their first ever presentation at Germany’s leading investor trade show Invest.

Midem announced the finalists for the Artists Accelerator 2018.

Oply now knows exactly what the Munich car owners want and launches the campaign for new car-sharing offer.

Photo: © Pinterest

March 2018

With Oply, a new and innovative car sharing provider launched in Germany – first location: Munich.

On GoFundMe, an 80-year-old feminist found support for her fight against gender discrimination in language.

Leading youth news site Bento interviewed “Youth against AIDS” which launched an international campaign on GoFundMe.

Deliveroo discovered that over 40 percent of Germans would work longer for a free lunch and the most popular egg dishes for Easter: Top Dish is the Egg explosion burger.

TransferWise found out in a representative survey that more and more Germans go cashless when they’re abroad.

Pinterest introduces Pincodes and Shop the Look function to make online shopping even easier.

Photo: © Oply

February 2018

On GoFundMe, student survivors of the Parkland shooting collect money to support their campaign against gun violence.

Bartender Tarek Nix put together expert tips for the home bar  and a summer cocktail which everybody will love for Deliveroo.

Pinterest published the Wedding Report 2018 – Our favorite trends: flat shoes and the cape is the new veil.

Midem starts the call for entries for Midemlab.

Photo: © Deliveroo

January 2018

TransferWise made Borderless international accounts available to first private users.

In the middle of the ski season Deliveroo asked Germans what they like to eat on the mountain top: goulash soup came in first.

Nextdoor, the world’s leading neighborhood network, started in France and grows strongly in Germany.

GoFundMe helps a skier from Tonga to get to the Olympic Games.

At Pinterest the new year starts with the bucket list which reveals how to plan 2018 with Pinterest

Photo: © Deliveroo


December 2017

The world’s largest social fundraising platform GoFundMe launched officially in Germany and we were delighted to support that communication-wise.

Just in time for the Christmas season, the food delivery service Deliveroo has found out that 81% of the Germans visit Christmas markets on average up to three times.

Otherwise, December was the time to look back and ahead. Deliveroo published the Top 100 delivery dishes worldwide and the Food Trends 2018: Cheeseburgers are ordered the most and Hawaiian poke bowlsi are the upcoming trend.

Pinterest compiled the 100 biggest trends for 2018

Shazam revealed the most popular songs 2017 in Germany (Burak Yeter Feat. Danelle Sandoval – “Tuesday”) and worldwide (Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You”).

Photo: © GoFundMe



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