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The client is king. The internet is vast. Nothing comes from nothing. A lot helps a lot. Heaven is. Agencies are.

How boring sentences continue every search engine will tell you these days. Exchangeable, arbitrary and predictable. For that you don't need us. We help your message along in order to set you apart from commonplaces.

Don't we know each other from somewhere, do we?

Possibly. Welcome, we're at home here. For years we have been working in the digital industry, know influencers and decision makers. We understand online and mobile companies, know their goals and think like them. Because we understand our clients we make sure others understand, too. In order to turn communication into business success...



Facebook raffles are forgotten faster than you can hit the Like button. Clipping factories produce more reach than readers.

We prefer to think strategically and implement our plans thoroughly. Flexible, fast-paced and effectively. Communication is most effective when creative ideas are based on solid strategy. Here, we don't allow stereotypes to limit us. Neither communication categories nor country borders. We offer international PR from a single source and operate as lead office for Europe and the U.S.

Communication is unbelievable. Unbelievably successful – if it turns into sustainable business success. Of course, you don't get that off the rack. There are no ready made paper patterns that fit all sizes...




We have exciting news to announce: Today, we start together with our favourite UK agency, Cherish PR, a boutique agency network for the digital industry  - called  Over There. Over There will support fast-growing technology brands and companies in the planning and implementation of their communications in Europe and other major international markets. 





July Highlights

We went trend searching again with Pinterest and discovered black ice cream, macaron buns, sushi tattoos and Germany's most beautiful hiking trails. +++ For all who care for stylish outfits, go for a polka dot dress with straw hat with statement print, as this was the outfit of the month. +++ Yummy: Deliveroo is expanding in Germany and adds nine new locations. +++ And one of the best pieces of news for summer: Deliveroo delivers directly to your picnic blanket in various city parks +++ A Trainline analysis discovered that business travelers can save up to several weeks every year and gain considerable working time if they switch from flying to rail travel. +++ For TransferWise, we asked SMBs about their banking habits. Turns out that most of them stay with their bank out of pure routine. +++